Personalized Birth Stories
Every Birth Is Unique
With all my Birth Doula Packages I write a birth story tailored to your unique experience.  Below are examples of individualized Birth Story options.

For The Birth Mom

A woman who has given birth will remember more about birthing their child then what they had for dinner last week.  Its my goal to keep detailed notes about your birth and present them to you in the form of a letter, book or photo book.  Want to know what time your water broke?  Want to know how many centimetres dilated your were when you decided to call your loved ones? 
I will record it all.  Once you receive your unique birth story, you will have those details with you and for future generations to come. 

For The Surrogate

As a surrogate, you are carrying a child for a special purpose.  Weather you are preparing to give a couple or a single person their baby, the birth of this baby is special to you.  I will take notes on the labour and birth of this special baby and include the introduction to their parent(s).  This Birth Story is customizable and can include as much or as little detail as you would like. 

For The Other Parent(s)

Whether your are the Biological, Non-Biological, Male, Female, or Other Parent.....The birth of your child is a wonderful moment in your life.  While writing down the details of your baby's birth, I will include details significant to your involvement, actions and reactions.  This includes the moment that you first lay eyes on your baby.