Special Offer

This Special Offer opens up spaces for clients to take advantage of lower rates! 
Enjoy my Basic Birth Doula Package for only $640!

I am in the process of re-certifying as a Birth Doula with DONA International. 10 years ago I became a certified member of DONA and have since had two children of my own.  I have been a doula during many births during this time and now life's events have allowed me to pursue my dream of being a full-time Doula. Due to the time since my last certification, I am required to re-certify.

This is good news! Due to my time restraints on completing my re-certification, if you are due in August, you will receive a discount of 20% off my basic package.

For $640 you will receive:

- 2 prenatal visits
- Full continuous support during Labour and Delivery
- Access to my Lending Library of pregnancy, birth and parenting books
- 1 postnatal visit
- Prenatal support via e-mail, phone or text message during your pregnancy
- 24/7 emergency support via phone or text message starting two weeks before your due date.

In order for your birth to count towards my re-certification, I need to provide DONA International with your contact information and non-identifying notes from your birth.  To qualify to participate in this special offer you must be willing to allow me to submit this information after your birth.  You will also be asked to evaluate my services on a very short questionnaire.